Ft. Lauderdale Full home inspection

Listen to your home. That drip that hits the carpet, the extra push needed to start the air conditioner, the pop of a circuit breaker; these are all things that tell you it needs an inspection. Just like humans need a check up, houses need inspections. And this could save you time and money. A Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals Full Home Inspection will find all of these problems with your home and give you the remedy to fix them.

A Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals Full Home Inspection includes:

- The roof

-Gutters and roof drainage pipes

-Ventilation deposits in the roof

- Balconies and their supports

-Basements and attics

-Heating and cooling systems

-Water pipes that lead in and out of your home

-Faucets, toilets, draining pipes inside the home

-Electrical wires

- Amperage

- All electrical control units

-GFCI's and AFCI's


-Garage doors

-And more

We are a quick and effective inspection company. We will have all the information we need to make a full report of your home in just under three hours for an average sized home. If you want to learn the most about your home, follow our inspector through the full home inspection process. We really know our inspections with over 100,000 of them stuffed in our belt, we can tell you what exactly is happening with every inch of your home and guide you on how to fix it. The very nature of a full home inspection makes it so that you get all our inspections in one! And you will get written documentation as well as high resolution digital photograph that show exactly where the issue lies to take to your insurance company so that you receive an appropriate rate on your premium.

  • Wind Mitigation

    Save $$$$
    Save money, stay safe. A Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals Wind Mitigation Inspection saves you the most money on your home owners insurance.


    Your home may be eligible for discounts based on the year, build (type and material), additions, and repairs. A wind mitigation inspection is the only way to get these discounts. A Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals inspector knows the laws and codes that make your home pick up these discounts. We exploit our knowledge to its full ability so that we can get you the highest discount you disserve! You will see why the discounts exist and what your home has and does not have by following our inspectors. They answer any questions you have about the wind mitigation inspection and can inform you of other elements, such as opening protection, that can be added on to your home to garner a higher discount. If you plan on building a home, or having one built as the case may be, consult us first and schedule a wind mitigation inspection so that we can help you with decisions on shape and materials that will get you the highest discount. A Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals Wind Mitigation Inspection saves you money, and often pays for itself by years end.

  • Four Point Inspection

    Older home?

    Your home needs a checkup. Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals will see to it that your home is in A+ condition or tell you how to get it that way in the most practical manner.


    If your home is older than 25 its time for a four point inspection. That means we will look into your plumbing, electric, HVAC, and roof. Most companies do this on behalf of the insurance companies and document any problems. If this is requested for multiple insurance companies, multiple forms will be have to be filled out and it is possible that you will be charged for the extra inspections even though they are similar. However, with a Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals Four Point Inspection we have one form that works for all insurance companies in Florida. We only charge you for the one inspection, and we document everything, which means that if your home systems are better than expected, your insurance rates should fall. Sometimes drastically. 

    That’s not all. With us, you will learn how to keep your home working properly so that your rates continue to drop and how to repair anything broken in such a way that you gain the most discounts possible on your insurance. This inspection will pay for itself in time.

  • Roof Inspection

    No house without a roof: Leak be gone! Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals knows what a dangerous roof looks like and will make every effort to help you make it safer.



    A Fort Lauderdale roof is exposed to the elements that are more drastic than most of the United States. For example the heat index here is higher than that of nearly all places but the desert, and the desert does not have to put up with the frequency of storms that we have. Mother Nature mixed with Father Time is devastating to any roof, no matter how confidently built. The inspectors at Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals are ace roof inspectors; they will spot the tiniest flaw at any angle on any roof. They know the piece of your home quite well and will tell you solutions on how to fix it. Our inspectors know if a simple patch job will fill a leak, and how likely it is that the leak will come back based on the shape of the structure, drainage capability, and valleys plaguing your roof. You will learn the decent companies around able to fix the problem for a fair price. We will tell you the estimated life span of the roof so you can plan ahead for that repair. But with this costly replacement there is a silver lining. Our inspectors are so good, and so dedicated to customer happiness that they will inform you on the very best roof to attach to your home promoting your home owner insurance discounts and ultimate selling price. With the bad information comes the good when you have Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals do your roof inspection!

  • Full Home Inspection

    Peace of mind: Considering buying a home? Save yourself the headache of purchasing a broken home. Schedule a Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals Full Home Inspection to learn everything about the property.



    A dangerous house is no home at all. A Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals Full Home Inspection will find any dangers that threaten the house’s integrity and offer solutions on what to do now to prevent problems and in the future to keep them from coming back. Our experience in the field is vast, our knowledge is ever expanding, and we keep honesty as a high moral standpoint. You will know everything there is to know about your home with a Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals Full Home Inspection Report. After the report passes through the quality assurance department take these reports to insurance companies. It is possible that you will save lots of money because either your home is in better condition than it was considered at the time of the insurance was decided, or because our inspector will inform you of how to repair you home in order to save the most money, such as adding opening protection or roof straps on a new hip roof. Schedule a Fort Lauderdale Home Inspection Professionals Full Home Inspection to save money, find what shape your home is really in, and learn how to fix any problems, or if it is problem free, how to make it even better.